What to see, where to sleep and what to eat in Jaipur

Jaipur is a majestic city in the state of Rajasthan, INDIA. Prior to the Indian independence of 1947 Jaipur had a strong attachment with their rulers and even today when democracy is flourishing in the nation, people of Jaipur & Rajasthan have deep respect to their culture, historical monuments and we feel very proud of our royal palaces which are turned into luxury hotels & resorts. (Note- 2 of them comes in the list of top 50 hotels in the world, as per Forbes magazine).

So in post our friend CB Singh from Rajputana Cabs which is a popular taxi firm in Jaipur has prepared a nice step by step post which will assist all traveler friends to spot, sleep & snack in Jaipur.

What to explore in Jaipur?

Well the first thing which will catch your eyes will be the Pink city in Jaipur or the older part of the town. Pink city is a 10-12 Km area which is colored totally “Pink”. Well thanks to the royal family of Jaipur who ordered to completely paint the city in pink just to welcome the King of Wales in 18th century. In this part one can explore City Palace (the royal residence if Jaipur Family), Hawa Mahal (Palace of winds) & Jantar Mantar (an astrological park created by a King Man Singh to calculate the planets distance).

Apart from the Pink city monuments one must move towards the amazing forts in the Amer road region. Here Jaipur offers Jaigarh & Narahgarh fort (War forts), Jal Mahal (Water Palace- a beautiful palace situated inside a deep lake) and my favourite Amer Fort. Amer fort is the number 1 spot to see in Jaipur & this massive fort has the capacity to keep more than 100,000 soldiers. There are many beautiful gardens and on its 2nd floor it has the “Sheesh Mahal”. It’s a small part of the fort which is totally made up of mirror and precious gem stones.

Finally in my list of places to see in Jaipur I will include Chokhi Dhani. Chokhi Dhani is a new concept in Jaipur tourism and in the last year it has become a state level success as they have opened more branches in the neighboring cities of Jodhpur & Jaisalmer. Chokhi Dhani is a village based theme resort which offers evening programs related to Rajasthan culture, dance & food. So in my opinion if you want to know about Rajasthani culture ASAP, than Chokhi Dhani is a nice option.

A good advise will be to rent or hire a car in Jaipur city to explore all the attractions which we have mentioned above and if you are traveling in group then you can rent or hire a ac bus in Jaipur city which again isn’t expensive.

Where to sleep in Jaipur?

Samode Palace Hotel Jaipur

Now as I mentioned above that many royal palaces in Jaipur turned in luxury & hotels but actually there is a story behind it. In the pre-independence era when the rule of democracy was introduced in the state and because of that all the monarchs had lost their imperial powers. Now with their current financial resource they wouldn’t had lasted more than 10 years as they were still the owners of some of the most beautiful palaces which are simple huge. So to maintain these palaces many monarchs (as Rajasthan have like 1000’s) converted their palaces into museums but some smart ones opted for Luxury hotels & resorts.

So in Jaipur we have 3 amazing resort hotels which are Aram Bagh (250 year old), Raj Palace (400 year old) and Samode palace (300 year old). Aram Bagh was one of the main residences of Jaipur royalty and today it’s the most reputed resort as every foreign ambassador who visits Jaipur loves to stay here.

Raj Palace was one the royal residence & court of Maharaja of Amer and now it’s one of the most beautiful resorts where getting accommodation is like winning a lottery. And finally Samode Palace which was the residence of the Prime Minister of Jaipur and its location is simple astonishing. It’s situated in the middle of Aravalli hills and is just 45 Kms from the main city.

Well apart from the high end option Jaipur offer many pocket friendly hotels. Like the region of Sindhi camp, Amer road, Bani park offers some low & medium budget hotels which will cost like 20 to 100$. So accommodation in the city isn’t expensive.

What to eat in Jaipur?

Suvarna Mahal Jaipur

Snack. Well I used this term in the title instead of eat as I wanted all “S” over there. Now Jaipur food is the spiciest food in the nation. So an advice from a Jaipur expert (like me) will be “Always carry a water bottle in the city as more than 95% of street food & even in 7 star resorts is spicy”. Some of the famous dishes of Jaipur are:

Laal Maans- A non-vegetarian dish made with lamb meat.

Dal Baati Churma- Also known as the national dish of Rajasthan, it’s a vegetarian dish containing Dal (cereals), Baati (roasted bowls made of wheat flour) and Churma ( a sweat mixture made of clarified butter, sugar & gram flour)

Well apart from spicy food we have some amazing sweets like “Ghewar” a traditional dish which is prepared only in festivals, “”Malpua” which is very similar to pancakes but our pancake is totally covered with sweet hot sugar syrup. So you can also enjoy the remaining 5% dishes of Rajasthan which isn’t spicy.

Well that’s all what we can tell you about Jaipur but I believe that the best way to experience the all above points is to experience them with your own hands. So just book a flight to Jaipur, preferably in winter (November to March) and explore the city with your friends & family. If you want any information on Jaipur than I have mentioned some references in the bottom of the post or you can also comment them. I will love to revert on them. Till then, happy travelling.

Luxurious resorts in Rajasthan which snap your monthly salary in a sec

Ajit Bhawan Palace Jodhpur

Who wouldn’t want to live a life of luxury? But certainly not at the cost of a whole month’s salary…however there are some such luxurious resorts and camps in Rajasthan that can give you the ultimate luxury when you step into their premises for an exquisite luxurious stay.

Samode Palace and Taj Ram Bagh in Jaipur

Samode Palace Hotel Jaipur

The luxurious retreat of Samode Palace has been host to several royalties from the Rajasthan and abroad. Taste the amazing cocktail on the garden of the terrace and start your day with a magnanimous view of the adjacent garden. Get yourself treated to the ultimate luxury at the spa with a total body healing massage and soak in the magic that is spread all across the Samode Palace.

The Taj Ram Bagh is yet another royal and historic heritage hotel in Rajasthan. It was once the residence of the royals of Jaipur and henceforth it has been taken over by the Taj Group of Hotels. Indulge yourself with the royal hospitality of Rajasthan along with the well deserved surroundings of the bygone era. Taj Ram Bagh hotel is one such place which will mesmerize you almost instantly as soon as you step into the premises.

So any traveler who is planning to enjoy a Sightseeing tour of Jaipur city do add this hotels in your wish list.

Umaid Bhavan and Ajit Bhaban in Jodhpur

Ajit Bhawan Palace Jodhpur

The Umaid Bhavan Palace was built as a symbol of the Sun City Jodhpur. It is considered as a heritage building of Rajasthan. It was the home of erstwhile Jodhpur family and now it is converted into a museum. The museum cum the largest private residence of the Jodhpur Royals is perched on the Chittar Hill in Jodhpur.

The Ajit Bhavan is the first heritage hotel in India. It showcases the grandeur and the magnificence of the royal hospitality of Rajasthan. The experience in the now heritage hotel of India is exclusively meant for all those travelers who want to soak into the luxury and the impressive heritage of the state.

Ajit Bhavan is also quite popular among couple travelers who are planning to explore the land of kings with a nice Rajasthan tour package for couples.

Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

Taj lake palace udaipur

The Taj Lake Palace is one of the most romantic hotels in the world. Built as a pleasure palace for Maharana Jagat Singh II, in 1746, it is now a luxurious heritage hotel in Rajasthan. Located right in the midst of Lake Pichola, it is famous all over the world and has been featured in several Hollywood and Bollywood movies. So do add this hotel even you are even planning to book a holiday tour package for Udaipur.

Suryagarh and Rajputana Desert Camp in Jaisalmer

Rajputana Desert Camp Jaisalmer

The Rajputana Desert Camp is a subsidiary of Rajputana Hotels India and is rated as one of the top most desert camps in Jaisalmer. If you plan to visit Jaisalmer on a leisure trip, do not forget to opt for a night out at the Rajputana desert camp. It is one of the most luxurious camp resorts with five star facilities in Jaisalmer

Suryagarh is yet another gateway to the Great Indian Desert via the desert camp. The resort of Suryagarh is known for its unique way of lifestyle that preserves the royal life style of the bygone era and also the heritage tradition in its most modern idiom.

The Oberoi Vanyavilas, Sawai Madhopur

The Oberoi Vanyavilas

The Oberoi Vanyavilas is located in Sawai Madhopur and is known for its lush green landscaped garden that is spread across 20 acres. There is also a bordering jungle near the resort and features luxurious tents as stay houses.

For more on Rajasthan luxury destinations check out this post on the royal state and do show some social love on this post if it fine by you. Till them keep traveling.

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